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How To Download & COnnect BattleNet with TopazChat

February 11, 2011 2 comments


Topazchat is program that can easily connect you to the battlenet without primary program like Warcraft III for example. There are a lot of advanced options to use, e.g. TopazChat may work as autokicking bot from channel ( when it has channel operator status ) or can send message every few minutes.

Use is very simple : just turn it on, go to ‘options’ fill fields ‘username’ and ‘password’ with your Battle.Net new account name/pass and add new server to servers list ( IP : Server Ip Address example. ).
That’s all

This is surely a must for every wc3 player ( e.g. to see, if your friends are online and can play with you now, without turning game on).

Download link for TopazChat v4.20c :

Download link for TopazChat v 7.04 :

Download link for TopazChat v 8.20:


Example :
A – Put your username : Your MGI id
B – Put your password : Your MGI Password
C – Put the channel to join : Chat
IP Address :

Ready. Topaz chat has been set up.

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