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OmniScript v2.1 by haukupallh

Download: OmniScript v2.1 (768.28 KB)

posted by Haukurpallh on Playdota forum

– Inventory rebind: by selecting a hotkey from the “Hotkey” dropdownlist and a modifier key from the “Modifier” dropdownlist for the respective inventory slots
– Autocast: select a modifier key and then select the hotkeys you want to toggle autocast for the respectve skills
– Selfcast: for skills like Rooftrellen’s heal and Invoker’s Alacrity. Press the hotkey for the skill and then the hotkey for selfcast. Also works for consumables, although double-pressing the respective inventory hotkey is probably faster in those cases. Can also be used to center the hero (or other unit/building selected).
-Push to talk: the program includes a unique push to talk script (select its hotkey from the respective dropdownlist)
-Mute/unmute mic: mainly used with the pust to talk script
-Toggle scoreboard script: opens the scoreboard (that thing in the upper right corner where you can see heroes and their levels) on the first press, closes it on the second press. The default hotkey, SC029, stands for the tilde ~ or accent key under Escape.
-Share units script
-Pause game script
-Hotkey to select hero
-Force close Warcraft III (good to close the game fast when it doesn’t respond or if someone is lagging and you’re going to remake anyway, does the same as End Program in task manager)
-Toggle suspend keys: suspend the script by pressing the respective hotkeys (you can edit them) and resume it by pressing the hotkeys again
-Registry: always show healthbars, automatically save replays, use custom keyboard shortcuts (if you do not have a CustomKeys.txt use Dr. Jones’ generator: DOTA Customkey Generator)
-Run on startup
-Run Warcraft in windowed mode. If selected and settings have been saved, pressing Run Warcraft III will open the program windowed (maximized). It includes hotkeys to lock the mouse within the window (Ctrl+L, Ctrl+U to unlock)
-Fix Warcraft III resolution: this is mainly for widescreen monitors, it sets the resolution to the same as the screen’s default resolution
-Now the program is automatically run with administrative privileges if run on Win Vista/7 (and should always work, if not, try running in compatibility mode with XP or PM me).

1. Download the program (attached below).
2. Save the contents of the .rar file somewhere permanent (not where you might accidentally delete them) because if you want it to run at startup it has to be in a permanent directory. I suggest creating a subfolder in the Warcraft III folder.
3. Open the folder and run OmniScript.exe
4. Modify hotkeys as you wish
5. When you’re done press the Run DotA Script button. You never need to run OmniScript again unless you want to change some of the hotkeys. Just run DotA Script.exe before starting a game (if it isn’t already in the tray).


– Fixed Selfcast from triggering an errormessage if hotkey set to None
– Added Spacebar to the hotkey list for inventory (now you can for example set it to use dagger etc)
– Wrote a yet-to-be implemented script that allows the user to add his own code, not active in v2.1 but look out for it in new versions.

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