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DotA – TerrorBlade's Revenge

This is a REAL MOVIE about TerrorBlade directed by SkyWalker.

like this: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WoDotA/168416753197434

songs used:
Metal Gear Solid 3 —— Debriefing
Batman Begins —— Eptesicus
Immediate Music —— Solemn Vows
Metal Gear Solid 3 —— Life’s End
Braveheart —— The Princess Pleads For Wallace’s Life
Two Steps From Hell —— Eternal Sorrow
Metal Gear Solid 3 —— Escape
Immediate Music —— Those We Left Behind
Call of Duty 6 —— Caves desertdrone
Call of Duty 6 —— Chase boatride
Immediate Music —— An Almost Perfect Murder
Empire: Total War —— Theme
Call of Duty 6 —— Cliffhanger climbing intro
Empire: Total War —— Uncharted Waters
Immediate Music —— Betrayal
Metal Gear Solid 3 —— Mission Briefing
Call of Duty 6 —— Whitehouse endrun
The Prestige —— Man’s reach exceeds his imagination
Linkin Park —— What I’ve done
Two Steps From Hell —— Calamity
Mettal Gear Solid 4 —— Old Snake
Call of Duty 6 —— boneyard
StarSailor —— Way to fall

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