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DotA OMG Maps Archive 6.61b~6.69c

Thks to neserinemocaj Who compile this

RAR OMG 6.61b~6.69c Download (75,55mb)

DotA 6.61b OMG v1.04.w3x
DotA v6.62 OMG v1.04c.w3x
DotA v6.64 OMG v1.04d.w3x
DotA v6.64 OMG v1.04e.w3x
DotA v6.66b OMG v1.04f.w3x
DotA v6.67c OMG v1.04g.w3x
DotA v6.67c OMG v1.04h.w3x

DotA v6.68c OMG v2c.w3x

DotA v6.69c BYS v4.w3x
DotA v6.69c BYS v5.w3x

DotA v6.69b LoD v6 Eng.w3x – originally by Skino, translated by Anom

DotA v6.69b LoD v6 English 1.1.w3x

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