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Auto Chat Miss Tool – Scarab

This was taken from DuskRaven of playdota forums.

Many years ago, before 1.22 WCIII patch created, one good man Spark (clan GODR) created tool DotaConfig, that includes fast messages with some hotkeys. But now I cant find him and his little project stopped. So all credits to him because i actually made tool with his code. And (thx and credits to dark.88) also include Diablo-Style Movement in DotA.

This easy tool made by AutoHotkey and doesn’t hacks any function in WCIII,therefore it is legal


3 = Numpad7
4= Numpad8

-weather moonlight
-water 200 0 200
-music undead2

Home = Send (All): “!HaVe FuN! ]:->”

Alt+Left = Send: <<<Top Miss<<<
Alt+Down = Send: <<<Mid Miss>>>
Alt+Right = Send: >>>Bot Miss>>>
Ctrl+Alt+Left = Send: <<<Top Re<<<
Ctrl+Alt+Down = Send: <<<Mid Re>>>
Ctrl+Alt+Right = Send: >>>Bot Re>>>


Quote:a script that will repeat pushing “S” and repeat “Right Click” as long as I hold it down.

Download – http://www.mediafire.com/?7ajb6j4x4cwtgtc

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