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Dota Tool Kit v3.2d by Crisgon

This EPIC program created by Crisgon

Run as a administrator if you are having troubles.

Install it on Warcraft III folder


-Mouse Wheel
-Skills , Selfcast and Autocast

-A quick and easy customkey generator (remember to check “Use customkeys” box)

-An easy and quick guide to some heroes (will add them constantly)

-Send messages
-Quick launch
-Some configurations for wc3 (widescreen adjustment, improve of fps , wc3 path , healthbars)
-Run wc3 on window with mouse capturer
-A quick explanation of my tool features

Edit all warcraftIII settings with this tab.

Download: DotaToolKit v3.2d.rar

For Custom Keys: Dota v6.71b PATCH.rar

Original Thread: http://www.playdota.com/forums/242897/dota-tool-kit-dtk-customize-warcraft-dota/


Updated to v3.2d(28/01/2011)
-Improved code due to problems when using DTM4
-Improved code autocast & selfcast and invoker skills functions
-Improved mouse movement speed with invoker and autocast features
-You no longer need to reload each time you change keys on inventory remap, invoker skills, spacebar, toggle scoreboard, healthbars hotkey and autocast & selfcast features.
-Updated to DotA v6.71b
-You can now queue orders with inventory remaps
Updated to v3.2c(27/12/2010)
-Updated guide
-Added new hotkeys: PGUP to increase sensitivity and PGDN to reduce it.
-Fixed grid allign hotkey (chainmail not fixed just deleted )
Updated to v3.2b(24/12/2010)
-Added 6.70 hotkeys
-Version dropdownlist on customkeys tab now shows dota versions from latest to oldest.
Updated to v3.2(08/12/2010)
-Added settings tab, here you can edit all wc3 features before start game
-Added key combination block: Alt+Q and Alt+F4
-Finished edit skill method on guide tab
-Improved autocast and selfcast function recognizement time
-Fixed Glyph of Fortification customkey
Updated to v3.1d(19/10/2010)
-Fixed new control not properly showing version on Windows XP
Updated to v3.1c(18/10/2010)
-Rewritten functions from 3.1b due to a lost of code
-Customkeys updated to v6.69b
-Added a control to generate customkeys for 6.68 – 6.68c or 6.69b
Updated to v3.1b(22/09/2010)
-Improved Autocast, Selfcast and Invoker skills’ function.
Updated to v3.1 (19/09/2010)
-Added editing for skill build (on beta, tell me what you think)
-Improved functions
-Added one more field to quick msg
-Added hotkey Alt+P to pause/unpause game
-Added hotkey to Chain Lightning on customkeys
-Fixed major error when using generated customkeys
-Fixed some issues with scoreboard toggle
-Updated readme
Updated to v3.0 (28/08/2010)
-Guide tab reworked, now you choose your hero and edit its builds.
-Improved quick message, you can now send multiline text by adding a ” \ ” (without quotes) at the end of sentence.
-Fixed an error with quick msg, you can now send ( ! ) properly.
-Replaced fifth hotkey box with string “Game Mode”, enter mode or some commands to send them at the beggining of the game.
E.g. -apso\-weather rain\-water random
-Improved quick launch function, no error with WVS or other third party programs.
-Fully translated to German.
-Improved functions with Autocast&Selfcast, also some fixes to main function.
Updated to v2.6 (04/08/2010)
-Added a button to change language
-New language: German
-Added a button to restore your previous customkeys.txt file
-Added “then make a left click” to all mouse wheel actions
-Improved GUI on customkeys tab
-Removed exit button (why you want to exit DTK??!!) Anyway, you can exit on system tray icon
-Added button “Reset Settings”, to restore your current changes to default.
Updated to v2.5 (29/07/2010)
-Fixed barathum’s new button
-Added hotkey change to scoreboard (º or | by default)
-Added hotkey change to capture/release mouse (Appskey by default)
-Improved capture/release mouse function
-New system to update DTK, just overwrite old DTK. Your settings will be there.
Updated to v2.4 (28/07/2010)
-Updated to 6.68b
-Improved DTK function
-Added 5 heroes to guide tab
Updated to v2.3 (24/07/2010)
-Only one (1) file (700 kb)
-Multilanguage (English and Spanish, could be more if help me)
-Improved GUI a lot
-Changed the way guide loads, now you can reload quick than before
-Fixes on customkeys generated file (Trol Warlord berserk rage and Terrorblade soulsteal)
-You must have Warcraft III to run DTK
-Added more functions to system tray icon
-Added 5 more heros to guide tab
Updated to v2.2c (19/07/2010)
-Improved some function.
Updated to v2.2b (14/07/2010)
-Fixed error with autocast function
Updated to v2.2 (12/07/2010)
-Remade customkeys tab (ESC is now allowed)
-Added support for spacebar
-Changed some key actions:
Added a status key: Appskey
Added a key to toggle scoreboard: º (under esc)
Toggle mouse captured/released with ScrollLock
-Added arrow remapping
-Hotkeys and actions are now automatic. No conflict with invoker keys or autocast & selfcast functions
Updated to v2.1 (21/06/2010)
-Added ballon tool tip when running/pausing DTK (see atachments)
-Added ballon tool tip when capturing/releasing mouse from window (see atachments)
-Added new icon to DotaToolKit when running/paused (see atachments)
-Added 4 more heroes to Guide tab
-Fixed “The Swarm” code
Updated to v2.0b (19/06/2010)
-Fixed some malfunction on Autocast & SelfCast
-Some changes on Customkeys tab
-Added 2 heroes to guide tab
Updated to v2.0a (18/06/2010)
-Fixed errors with spacebar and Lwin
Updated to v2.0 (15/06/2010)
-Now when pressing AppsKey traps your mouse on wc3 window and pressing again releases it.
-Now you can use SpaceBar and LWin as a modifier
-Added Guide Tab, with some heroes (Kaldr, Slardar, Balanar and Nevermore)
-Removed Special Tab, because using macros is UNFAIR to other players that do not use this tool.
-Fixed string “Num: 5” and “Num: 6”
-Moved “Use Customkeys” checkbox to Customkeys tab
Updated to v1.0 (08/06/2010)
-Now you can enable/disable “Improve FPS” button by pressing again
-Current warcraft3 resolution displayed when opening DTK
-New button “Auto”, click to fit wc3 resolution to your monitor
-Added button “Launch W3L” (for those who play on private servers)
-Moved “Invoker keys” to Remap tab
Updated 06/06/2010
-Added spanish version, DotaToolKit(ESP).
-Fixed SelfCast function not working when it is only checked
-Fixed ScrollLock pausing hotkeys, now you pause/unpause
with this key, when chatting this do not pause or unpause
but lets you chat without any error.
-Fixed hotkeys generated when first pressing “save changes”
then “generate customkeys.txt”
Updated 04/06/2010
-fixed habilities with invoker
-added some colors to strings (invoker , aghanim’s scepter)

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  1. Anonymous
    March 3, 2011 at 8:45 am

    can this program by any way cause lag while playing garena. Like map hacks maybe?

  2. Anonymous
    March 3, 2011 at 8:46 am


  3. March 3, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    Anonymous :
    can this program by any way cause lag while playing garena. Like map hacks maybe?

    no report that it could make you lag…

    lag is depend on your connection and computer IMO…


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