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Warcraft Version Switcher Download

Warcraft Version Switcher is a tool that allows you to switch between different versions of Warcraft 3. Just select the version, and it’ll take care of the rest. It can also do a few other things but those are out of context.

Here are the steps:

* Download Warcraft Version Switcher and files from the link below.
* Extract wvs.rar using WinRar or Windows Zip Extractor.
* Put the Warcraft Version files to folder “wvs”.
* Open the folder where you’ve extracted WVS.
* Now open “wvs.exe”.
* Click the 4th button from the left side which is Options Button.
* Enter your Warcraft 3 Path where you have installed/copied Warcraft like “C:Program Files\Warcraft III” (default pathname) at the bottom text box of the Options Window.
* Close Option window and then click Switch Version Button which is the first button.
* Just Double Click the version you want to switch.
* Your Warcraft 3 TFT Version will be switched.
* Just simple eh? Enjoy!

As what we know, Warcraft Version Switcher is not only for patching your warcraft version but it can also store your current version. Storing your current warcraft version with WVS:
* Open “wvs.exe”.
* Click on the “Store Current Version” button.
* You will be prompt to select the version you want to store.
Note: you could always change the version title.
* After selecting the version number of your WC3, click on the “Make Zip Package” to make a back up copy of your current version.
* Just simple eh? Enjoy!

Download Link:

Warcraft Version Switcher

Version 1.20e

Version 1.21

Version 1.22

Version 1.23

Version 1.24

Version 1.24b

Version 1.24c

Version 1.24d

Version 1.24e

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