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Problem with WVS or WarKey?, Disable "Run as administrator"

why it must be disabled? because if its enable, you caan’t ever use Warcraft Version Switcher or WarKey for DotA


Sometimes you want to use “Run as…” command to run some programs as administrator in Windows XP while logged as different user account, or “Run as Administrator” command in Windows Vista, but you find the command gone or grey out or unavailable. How can you enable or disable “Run as…” or “Run as Administrator” command? This article will tell you the details.


  1. In your computer with Windows XP system, you can use the secondary logon service to disable or enable “Run as…” command. First you should click “Start”-“Control Panel” to open the Control Panel.
    Disable or enable "Run as Administrator" 1
  2. Then find “Service” by clicking “Performance and Maintenance”-“Administrative Tools”. The step may be a little different depending on your Windows XP service pack version.
  3. Locate “Secondary Logon” and double-click it to open the properties dialog box.
    Secondary Logon
  4. In the properties dialog box click “General” tab, you can select “Automatic” in the “Startup type” box to enable “Run as…”, or select Disabled to disable “Run as…”. Then click “Apply” and “OK”. Restart your computer.
    start Secondary Logon service
  5. Now you can right-click the program shortcut, select the “Run as…”command and see the effect of enabling or disabling “Run as…” function.
    Run as...command 

    See the effect

  6. Different from Windows XPWindows vista has a security feature, UAC or User Account Control. “Run as administrator” only available when you turn on UAC.
    disable or enable "Run as Administrator" 6 

    Run as Administrator 7b

  7. Now you’ve known how to disable or enable “Run as Administrator” in Windows XP and Vista.

Tutorial Greatfully thanks to this website Recipester

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