Aghanim for Meepo on 6.72

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Icefrog share funny pic that there a lot of meepo because of using aghanim.

Here his post link:

And the pic. Meepo Rebelion Party 🙂

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AI map 6.70c AI by PBMN

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Here again next AI map by PBMN.

Download (mediafire):

Download (hotfile):

PBMN Blog:

KNOWN PROBLEMS: Some multiplayer games crashed when Ursa(Human) or Morph(Human) used. We couldn`t find the reason. Visage may be crashing the game too. Those need more testing.
Scrolls of Town Portal cancelling was filtered… i would like to know if AI still cancels during port for no apparent reason. Also in some games there is a missing data at the end stats screen.

Confirmed problems:
1. Final scoreboard errors.
2. Phoenix autouses ulti after Dive.
3. Walrus Punch not working 100% correctly.
4. A debug message when Invoker uses Meteor.

1. Fixed some bugs with All Int/Agi/Str and SD modes
2. Added two new heroes: Phoenix & Tuskarr
3. Rearranged hero taverns
4. Clockwerk (6.67)
– Power Cogs unit trapping code improved a little bit
5. Added 3 new items: Medallion of Courage, Ancient Janggo of Endurance and Smoke of Deceit
6. Added buyback cooldown limit
7. All changes from 6.69c to 6.70c are ported.

1. Fixed Lina`s Fiery Soul learning(6.60 error)
2. Various skills fixes:
Power Cog (clockwerk)
Recall (kotl)
Dark Rift (pit lord)
Void`s Time walk
Admiral`s Ghost ship
3. New Itembuilds for Phoenix, Tuskarr, Morphling and Sylla.
4. Tuskarr`s Walrus punch was rewritten because of crashing code inside. Skill may bug sometimes but that`s better than 100% crash.
5. Added Ethereal Blade+Adaptive strike usage combo for Morphling
6. New Itembuild for Morphling
7. Changes in item builds of: Vengeful, CM, Witch Doctor, Weaver, Lina, Meepo
8. Enchantress Impetus usage with Aghanim`s
9. Invoker Forge Spirits AI coordination.. after he gets bigger in levels, the spirits should begin hero chasing instead of creeping
10. Enigma Eidolons AI coordination
11. Leshrac new item build
12. NEW Visage Familiars AI and Soul Assumption usage
13. Fixed Juggernaut`s Ward movement
14. Fixed Vengeful AI swapping with Roshan.(ROFL)
15. Necrolic new itembuild and skillbuild
16. Added AI usage for Urn of Shadows(heal)
17. Added Orchid Malevolence to used items
18. Tweaked Invoker`s AI
– Added 3rd item build (DPS) and function filter for adding a 3rd build for the AI
– Smarter Invoker retreating func (he`ll break Ghost Walk if safe, no Zeus enemy or Zeus`s Ultimate in cooldown, no Furion or Spectre enemy present)
– Better early harassing (Deafening blast)
– Added Ice Wall to the attacking skills arsenal (still rare usage though)
– Added SunStrike ALL VISIBLE MAP usage for finishing those low HP heroes retreating
– Added summoning of Forge Spirits after Manta usage
19. Added Devour enemy creeps to Doom Bringer. He`ll go more jungling than before.
20. Doombringer Devour: enemy creeps + scan of neutral camps and Devouring Centaur Khan for his Stomp Skill or he`ll search for Speed aura(early levels). Doom will use Stomp when he learns it.
21. Added Medallion of Courage usage.
22. Adding Naix AI, new item and skills build.
23. Adding Armlet of Mordiggian usage.
24. Morph escape from 40% -> 48% HP.
25. Doom`s jungling disabled if Devour on more than 6 seconds CD.
26. Naix ultimate usage Infest added: he`ll infest Enemy or Allied creeps for healing his low HP retreating.
27. Ai for Spiritbreaker: Charge of Darkness and Nether Strike.
28. New item build for Spiritbreaker.
29. New skills build for Spiritbreaker.
30. Tweaks to Naix: probably fixed open wounds casting on creeps.
31. Added Attack with Urn of Shadows.
32. Added QuellingBlade to the misc items: Cloak, RoB, RoR.. only for melee heroes.
33. Fixed Manta Ranged disabling Linken`s sphere block.
34. Added a little reactions for AI vs Ursa.
35. Added some disabling skills to a function for anti-skill reactions.
36. Added a check if enemy Zeus is dead when Invoker is Ghost Walking.
37. Added a Quelling Blade chop usage to Furion`s Sprout Trees.
38. Treant`s Natures Guise rewritten – crash probably fixed.
39. Possible double Ancient Apparition Ice Blast Fix.
40. Basic AI for Phoenix. (No Sun Ray usage yet)
41. Tuskarr tweaks for Ice Ball (he won`t be so suicidal).
42. Fixed Charge of Darkness channeling problem. Before the dix, Spiritbreak was denying creeps in shadow form (funny).
43. Added a follow Invoker to Forged spirits, if attacked by Towers.
44. Vengeful spirit with 3 item builds
45. Added usage of item: Ancient Janggo of Endurance

Creadit greatly to PBMN

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Edited Dota Map Sounds Kills + New Screen + Models Extras

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DotA v6.71b.w3x (Female Sounds Kills + New Screen + Models Extras)

DotA v6.71b.w3x (Funny Sounds Kills + New Screen + Models Extras)

DotA v6.71b.w3x (Robotic Sounds Kills + New Screen + Models Extras)

DotA v6.71b.w3x (HoN Sounds Kills + New Screen + Models Extras)

Credit to Hamurabi

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Edited Kill Dota Sound

April 8, 2011 3 comments
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Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer For 1.26

April 7, 2011 45 comments

Thanks for Blasz who share this to us

Here download link: (40.26 KB)

Originally from Bored Aussie Forum

Recomended Offline Warcraft 3 1.26a update mediafire

April 4, 2011 4 comments

Warcraft 1.26 Standalone

Mediafire: War3TFT_126a_English.exe (56 MB)

hotfile: War3TFT_126a_English.exe56 MB


• If you experience Registry Error Loading Key “Warcraft/InstallPath” error. Please follow the steps carefully mentioned in this guide.
• If you are currently using v1.25b you can use Warcraft Version Switcher for 1.26 for easy upgrade.
• Older version games replays can not be watched/played in this patch.
• If you are facing any other issues, please post a comment with your problem!

Credit to blizzard and dota-utillities

WarKey++ 6.4 English (support warcraft 1.26)

April 1, 2011 3 comments

* Copyright All right reserved
* From Http://Www.YuLv.Net

Original Post:

Download from Original web:

My Re-upload Mediafire: WarKey++ 6.4 English (support warcraft 1.26) (55.43 KB)

Interface with the previous versions

Hi guys. This tool helps you to edit the key of Numpad. (WarCraft3 Change HotKey)

WarKey++ Yours WarCraft3 Hotkey Helper

Program features:
The warkey++ doesn’t effect the chat system (will automatically disable warkey when typing) and it is easy to use. Warkey++ is suit to every gaming platform (Garena, Warkey++ is suit to professional match.

Active/disable “hotkey function” hotkey [Home]
Active/disable “AI block mouse” hotkey [End]
(Alt+[) Hotkey: show ally’s hp bar
(Alt+]) Hotkey: show enemy’s hp bar
(Alt+M) Hotkey: check current state of function
(Alt+P) Hotkey: Pause/Resume “game”
(Alt+F4) Hotkey: Quit Game

Other Functions:
Automatically shield left [Win] when gaming
Automatically shield right [Win] when gaming
Hero skills Modify hotkeys

Quick Message:
Text preceded by “ALL|” to send to everyone
Text preceded by “OUR|” to send to allies
What is not add to the default sent

Authors: JiaJia [From Http://]
E-mail: YuLv_Soft@126.Com

1.This program supports the latest War3 1.26patch.
2.Active/Disable Enemy/Ally HP bars
3.Macro hotkey
4.Quick Message
5.Very simple and nice interface. Strong function.

all you need is just warcraft3 (1.20-1.26).

Perfect running in Win7/VISTA system, just like running in XP. You don’t need to select “Run as administrator”.

WarKey++ 6.4 update:
1. support warcraft 1.26 (New)

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